Monday, 8 June 2009

still very tired...

haven't written anything over the last 3 wks. quite a few things, good and bad, that deserves noting down, but just didn't hv the mood to write. Actually now also no mood to write, but i wanted to put this exchange of msg on record bcos I'm still feeling very injustice.

to that woman: H, if u cant send them home, u shd hv called me to fetch them bk. It's so irresponsible to simply send them onto the bus n left them on their own. What if something happens to them on the way? Can u bear the responsibilities?

her rebuttal(or rather sounds more like accusation): you mean A has never made his way home from school alone? Or is N such a burden? I trust that A can handle it. I hope you can have more trust and faith in yr sons.

my final reply: I hv total faith and trust in my sons. I dun nd u to teach me that. But I've entrusted them to u n it's yr responsibility to ensure they get home safely. But u did not even bother to inform me they're on their way home, nor call to chk if they've reached home safely. This is utterly irresponsible!

someone who's hardly here trying to think that she knows my children more than me, or has more trust and faith in my children than me. 做错事的人还可以趾高气扬地批评人?真可笑!Anyway I think even my 17yo niece is more responsible than her. After so many episodes throughout the years, I've had enough of her. Why be so nice when pple dun reciprocate, not even to mention appreciate? Since she's always treating me as non-existent, then I'll just reciprocate in the same way lor. 真的,做好人不一定会有好报的。MIL在天有灵的话,她会知道我已经尽了我应尽的责任了。

and if the man chooses to think that I'm the one who's petty and I'm the one who's over-reacting, then fine lor. Well, all women are petty and all mothers, human or otherwise, will over-react when it comes to their children. Try to steal a chick from the mother-hen, and you'll see how she 'over-react' towards u.

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