Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The year has come to an end...

Time really flies when you need it so much. We're left with 2hrs before 2008 leaves us forever.

Looking back, this year has been quite a roller coaster year. I'm not referring to the financial markets. Within our household, there's been enough ups and downs, tears and joy. Glad that things are kinda calmed down now.

Have been blogging for a year now. It has given me an avenue to let off steam and relieve the stress that's weighing me down. It has also acted as a connector with my friends to keep them updated of what's going on in my life when I couldn't catch up in person. It has kind of become my 'only' link with the 'outside world'. haha.... I believe i'll still continue to blog till I've run out of words, or till the day comes when I've given up talking about my feelings.

Adios 2008!

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