Thursday, 30 April 2009

shortly before 8pm tonight, I was at the study and heard a speeding sound and suddenly there was a really loud crash! My first reaction was "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Rushed to the window, cant see anything. Ran all the way down and rushed out with my boys. Many other neighbours have also rushed out towards Elias Road direction, where the crash sounded from.

Heard someone shout "get him out! get him out!" and another went "call the ambulance!" A black BMW had lost control and crashed right into the walls outside a bungalow along Elias Road!The impact was so great it left the thick wall and pillar badly cracked and big pieces of concrete flew onto the road. The bonnet and engine was totally smashed! You could see the badly mangled bumper, the headlights, side mirror, and even the wiper water container were all strewn across the road!

Thank God, the driver was alone and not badly trapped. a few samaritans forced the doors open and got him out of the driver seat. He only had some abrasions and slight cuts caused by the broken glass and concrete bits. But he looked obviously shakened and in shock! A nice lady few doors away came quickly with a cup of water and some tissue for him, while others comforting him and helped him inform his family.

While we were there, we heard from another driver who've stopped to help that the BMW was going very fast and had just overtook him less than 50 metres away. So he witnessed the whole accident. The bimmer driver was really very lucky to have escaped unscathed.It was also very lucky that noone was walking along that stretch of the pavement at that time. If it's earlier, there're usually quite many pple returning from jogging, or walking the dog, along that road. It'll be unimaginable if someone was there at the time the car crashed in!! Seriously, there'll be no chance of survival based on the condition of the crashed car.

Taking this opportunity to highlight to everyone. Elias Road, the stretch from Pasir Ris Dr 3 into the Pasir Ris Beach Park, has a lot of blind spots and sharp curves. This is already the 3rd accident we've witnessed after living here for merely 2 1/2 yrs. Many drivers go pretty fast, especially from the stretch where the road turns downhill, and they end up screeching all the way thru the S curve towards the end of the road. Any unfortunate miss and they'll end up like this bimmer driver. So please, if you're driving thru this road, keep yr speed down and be very alert. Do pass the words on.

what kind of kids are some parents raising?

Yesterday morning after dropping Drew off at school, I happened to see this mother and daughter running towards the school. It was approaching time when the school gate was to be closed, so obviously they were trying to beat the time. What disturbed me was, the girl (sec 1/2 maybe) was running in front, empty handed. While the 40-50yo mother was running behind her, carrying the daughter's heavy backpack and her own handbag!? The first question that ran thru my mind was, "why cant the girl take her bag and run for school? why must the mother run with her and carry her bag??" If we're talking about a primary 1/2 kid, I can understand, but a secondary school student? And mind you, she's same height as her mother and of average size. I dun understand?

This morning, I saw the same mother and daughter. This time round, they were on early. Daughter was munching on a bun, while mother was carrying the backpack again. And guess what? She was combing her daughter's hair as they walked!!!!??? Dun a 13/14yo know how to comb her own hair? This makes me wonder, does her mum have to change her into her uniform at home too??

I think this is just a trigger point for me to pen my thots. Prior to this, I've already seen so many cases of kids being spoilt in various ways.

Poor helper has to cycle her 14/15yo charge from the bus stop home. And when they approach an up-slope, she had to get off the bike to push bcos she has not enough strength, while the girl just continued sitting on the bike!? The girl was of better built than the helper and definitely same height, if not taller. gosh!

Another helper had to carry the heavy school bag plus files for a pri 5/6 boy. The boy is half a head taller than her and 1.5-times her size!?

Gosh! are we really raising next generation of princes and princesses? I really 'no eye see' ah!

Monday, 20 April 2009


at 719am this morning, the rising sun was so beautiful, creating a sky of different shades of orange all around it. I was driving then and didn't have my cam to capture it. when I reached home 3 mins later, the sky was totally different already.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fresh Bulggogi at T2

Went to T2 for dinner and was attracted to Fresh Bulggogi by the bbq fragrant!

It's a bbq-cum-steamboat dinner. We ordered a set with beef and chicken, plus additional side order of fried drumlets. We had kimchi soup stock for the steamboat and it was not too spicy. But the portion of meat for bbq was too little and we had to order extra.
Overall it was a nice meal. Worth giving it a try.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

He's so proud...

Nic: Mummy, why am I so famous in class?
Me: Huh? How are you famous? In what way?
Nic: First I become Read & Reflect Monitor. Now Mrs Chia wants me to test my friends on the difficult words. Only my group la.
Me: Wow! Mrs Chia chose you? That's great!
Nic: Ya(very nonchalantly!). Some words are hard, but I know all of them.
Me: *speechless*...

I was laughing inside! This little devil is just so proud! He's so bossy at home and talks so much. But when he's with teachers or friends, he's more reserved and disciplined. Probably that's why he becomes a natural choice for teachers. So deceiving!! haha...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Read and reflect monitor

Last Friday when I fetched him, he happily announced that he and another boy has been appointed as Read & Reflect Monitors! They'll be in charge of collecting and distributing story books to their classmates and ensuring that they don't repeat getting the same books.

According to the school newsletter, they are on a reading programme whereby every child is to borrow 2 books on even weeks for home reading. Then he has to reflect on the story and tell his parents how he feels about it and what he will do if he's one of the characters in the story. Sounds tough for a primary one kid huh? But this is part of the new STELLAR programme for English that has rolled out in some schools now.

So last evening after coming home, he happily whipped out the badge and showed us! He was so proud of himself and beaming so happily!

Son, we're proud of you too! Continue your hard work, be responsible, persevere and you'll shine!

Saturday, 11 April 2009



Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Melbourne in 4 days

Tagged along on hubby's biz trip to Melbourne. Realised that I've reached an age where overnight flight proves to be too straining! Slept thru the morning after we arrived, and still felt very tired.

Didn't go too far out of the city area, but did a lot of walking thru streets and parks. Took a day's tour to Phillip Island to watch the beautiful Little Penguins and shy Koalas. Think the best part was the trip to the Melbourne Int'l Flower and Garden Show. Satisfied my love for flowers and plants, and took so many pictures!

Here's sharing some of my favourite photos from the trip.