Wednesday, 15 December 2010

First snow in Shanghai, 2010

We welcomed Shanghai's first snow for 2010 today!
Weather forecast said there'll be rain-cum-snow today due to the cold current from the North. Temperature dropped a good 5 degrees Celcius to a low of about 3degC and high of 8degC.
The snow started around midday with tiny specks of snow flying in the air, melting the moment it touches a solid surface. An hour later, the snow flakes got bigger as the wind got stronger! By 330pm, this is what we have! Everywhere is turning white and snow is accumulating!

The wind is still quite strong and it's freezing cold out there. But the kids are having so much fun, throwing snow at each other already!
If it continues to be dry and snowing tonight, we'll be expecting to walk on ice tomorrow! brrr.....

Friday, 3 December 2010




Sunday, 17 October 2010









Monday, 2 August 2010

Kids will always be kids

Hub's traveling again, and as usual, the kids all bunked-in in my room.

They were having so much fun ....laughing, joking, giggling, play-pretending, teasing each other away. It's moments like these that assured us that it was a right choice to room them together for as long as possible.

One moment it was like a riot in the room and the noise level was hitting the roof! the next moment, they're all sound asleep and the room is left with the sound of the aircon blowing.

Having been nagging my 14yo to please grow up and behave better and be more matured. But he's really the 'leader' to his 2 brothers, esp when it comes to play! Still remember when he went on a 10-day trip with his school 2years ago, it became so quiet at home and the other 2 seemed so lost. Without this live wire, they're just not the same at all. So I guess I'll just to have let him be, and let him continue to be the leader to his brothers.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

taobao, my new love!

My first purchase from! A pair of cool-looking leather shoes for Matt. Nice right? And their service is really good. I ordered on Thu morning, they called me in the afternoon to confirm order, and on Sat morning it was delivered to my apartment! speedy isnt it? And the best part is, I only pay after receiving and inspecting the goods. cool!

I'm so in love with taobao now. that'll also means my pocket's gonna burn a hole soon!! hee... ;P

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Finally back on blogger

The sad thing about living in China is the restrictions on internet. As many would already know, Blogger and Facebook are blocked, and many other overseas sites too. Finally, thru friends' recommendation, we subscribed to VPN, manuevre around the installation and connections, and voila! We're back on.

will gradually add on more updates on our new life in Shanghai!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Goodbye Singapore!

one photo with our helper before we head off to the airport.

Goodbye Singapore! we'll be back, but dunno when. You'll still be our motherland, our roots. Just for now, home will be in Shanghai.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Everything's packed

Everything's been packed up and out of the house already. These pictures were taken last night and now, the living and dining is 95% empty. We've had to eat our dinner on a mahjong table with plastic chairs. hee...
Suddenly feel a sense of emptiness. Has been so busy tying up lose ends over the last few weeks, haven't really had time to think about the move. Now that things are moving faster, reality is setting in. But am I ready for the move? Feeling quite lost actually.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

You wouldn't believe this!

My watch fell to the floor, and its crystal face chipped and cracked all directions!?

I've had this watch since early 1999 and have dropped it (ya ya, butter fingers) umpteen times. Never had it had any scratches on its crystal face before. And this evening before I left for a dinner appointment, it just slipped off my hands, landed on the marble floor and gosh! I got a shock when I picked it up. A tiny bit of chipped off the edge inwards and the broken pieces trapped inside the watch face. And the rest of the crystal face cracked in all directions! It must hv landed at the edge of the face and hit some chipped, sharp corner on the marble. For a moment my heart cracked just like the crystal face! I want to cry!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

He has grown

Went for medical check-up with Drew this morning. It was a requirement for the China residential permit application.

While doing the routine checks, the nurse measured his height and weight. 166cm and 52.2kg! Gosh! My son is taller than me already! He was just 145cm two years ago, and he has grown 21cm in that period! Mine oh mine! He has grown so much! Now I'm gonna have problem scolding him at eye level. Would have to make him sit down whenever I need to give him a lecture from now on. haha.... ;P

Saturday, 17 April 2010

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives" -- Mother Teresa

Monday, 5 April 2010







Saturday, 27 March 2010

Little kitty

Heard mewing sounds since last night. And found this kitty at my neighbour's fence this morning. We decided to 'rescue' it and hopefully find it a permanent home and loving owner.

This little one was so frightened when we brought it back. It was hissing at us when we tried to touch it, and will claw us when we tried to carry it.
After half a day non-stop mewing, it finally calmed down and settled pretty nicely in our shower room. And ate some steamed fish and white rice.
Through facebook, we finally found it a sweet owner and a nice home to go to. Let's hope it'll settle down quickly and enjoy its new family.
Matt was pretty upset when our friend collected it. He wished we could keep it, but unfortunately we'll be leaving the country, so it's definitely not possible to keep it.

While looking through the pictures we took for it, Matt suddenly asked, "Will the little kitty grow up to look like Dewey?" And that's the picture from the cover of the book Dewey.
Do you think the little kitty will look like this when all grown up? >)

Monday, 22 March 2010

He started on a new journey

Today, hubby started on a new career journey in Shanghai, China. Went there with him last Friday and did some househunting over the wkend.

Shanghai has changed so much. Was last there in 2007, and merely 3 yrs, things are so different already. Pudong used to be rather deserted then, and now, it's skyscrapers everywhere! It's quite similar to Singapore now.

The next two months will be busy getting schools and housing organised before the rest of us join him. I hope I can gather myself and focus on the things to be done. As it is, my mind is still "all over the place". sigh...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Oops, I nearly forgot!

Happy 16th Anniversary to my darling and me!!

Hope we'll have many more 16 years ahead. Luv u dear!


Nope, not me. But we were the first witnesses.

Went to Suntec with Nic for his piano theory grading test this morning. Followed by a rush buy at the IT Show. Was on our way home when we witness this 'freak' accident.

Was driving along Benjamin Sheares Bridge, heading towards the Tanjong Rhu entrance into KPE. We were on the right lane and a motorcycle was on the left. Just as we approached the curve into the tunnel, suddenly, the motorcycle next to me hit something and went into a somersault!!! The motorist landed face/chest down, seemed really bad.

My first instinct was filter left and stopped the car at the road shoulder. Reminded Nic to stay put in the car, while I quickly got off and ran towards the motorist. As I got off, I realise 3 other cars stopped behind me and the drivers also got off to help. As we approached the motorist, we could see him lying face down, motionless. Blood was coming out of his mouth and nose. A Cisco van and another car stopped behind him and his bike to prevent any reckless driver from crashing into him.

I squat down and kept calling, "uncle, are you ok? uncle, are you concious??" He's a slightly chubby, 50-60yo Chinese man. Part of his denture broke and flew out, lying on the road looking bloody! After a short while, he was started moving. I kept asking him if he felt any pain in his neck or his back, and told him to stay still and wait for the ambulance. The Cisco officer called for the ambulance, while few other guys helped to pick up his bike and pushed it to the side.

After about 5mins, the uncle kind of regained his senses after the shock and got up with the help of the guys. They sat him down at the side of the road and gave him tissue to clean himself. I picked up the broken piece of his denture with a piece of tissue and gave it back to him. As he cleaned himself, I asked if he wanted to call his family and inform them. He kept saying no and that he can ride the bike back himself!!?? We told him no, he needs to wait for the ambulance to check him before he could go.

Seeing that he looked ok, and there were the other guys around. I apologised and excused myself as Nic was still waiting in the car.

There was no report of the accident in the papers. Apparently what his bike hit was a 2ft by 1ft by 1/2ft block of wood. Possibly dropped off from some trucks or what. I really hope the uncle wasn't badly injured. Hope he didn't have any internal injuries because the fall really looked very bad. His bike's handle was a little slanted and the side mirrors were broken. His helmet's front shield also flew off. Really hope he is fine.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

同样是中午;同样是沿着KPE, ECP, Keppel Rd, Cantonment Rd;同样的来到中央医院。多么熟悉的路程,那么熟悉的地方。心情依然沉重,情绪有点失控。随着车子驶入停车场,显现在眼前的就是爸最后入住的那座病房,一时泪水失控地在眼眶里打滚。那天的点点滴滴又历历在目,让人心痛不已。


Saturday, 13 February 2010


今早在麦当劳吃早餐,见到一个中年妇人。她穿着整齐,皮肤深褐色,分不清是华族还是马来族。她独自一人,买了个土豆饼,坐在我正对面的桌子,边吃边喃喃自语,接着眼泪流了下来。。。 坐在她旁边座位的人都没有察觉到。


Monday, 1 February 2010

Irritating people...

Some people are just so irritating! They want to be atas n demanding, yet they don't want to pay. Instead, they go to small HDB shops then start picking on every little thing and demand for this and that.

No confidence? Doubtful? Then go to the big guys and pay for confidence and service lor. Cant stand such people. Sigh...

Sunday, 31 January 2010

what the hell??

somebody asked why I looked so unhappy and angry on my father's 100th day prayers??! Did somebody or something made me angry or what?

goodness! do you expect me to be smiling, laughing and joking away to 'celebrate' the 100th day after my father's passing? am I suppose to be happy about losing him?? what the .....

nobody can understand the pain I'm going through. and I cant even cry it out as and when I like simply bcos mum is with me. I cry, she'll cry too. Suppressing one's feelings is the worse thing in the world.

that's why I hate gatherings now. I hate meeting people and have to suppress my feelings and put up a front. I wish i can lock up in the room all by myself.