Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm so free!?

Just bcos I'm not working? Just bcos I've a helper to handle the chores? Just bcos my kids are not babies anymore? then I'm free???? damn!

Here's my FREE schedule for today:

615am - wake up, wash up, change up
635-645am - wake boys up and nag till they finish washing and changing
645-655am - nag till they finish their breakfast and scrambled into the car
655-730am - send A & M to their schools

8-850am - send hub to work

9-1015am - wet marketing

1210-1245pm - lunch out with folks and N
1250pm - send N to school

115-130pm - fetch M fm school
130-3pm - send M for lunch, followed by grocery shopping at Fairprice

545-6pm - send M for tuition
630-640pm - Fetch N fm school
640-7pm - Fetch A fm school

730pm - Fetch hub fm MRT
730-745pm - fetch M fm tuition

9-930pm - coax kids to sleep


Thursday, 26 February 2009


it's so nice to see and smell the morning mist again after a long period of dry spell. The air just feels fresher, and the breeze so much cooler.

Hmmm.....good morning!

Friday, 20 February 2009

WII Fit! FUN!!

My dear fren, A, brought back a WII Fit fm Beijing for me. Collected it yesterday and decided to check it out with Matt and Nic today. It was really fun! And very 'intelligent' too.

We had fun testing our 'posture balance' and it turned out we're not too bad, just slightly off the optimum. Went thru the test run to test our reflexes. Matt's reflexes was equivalent to that of a 29yo! and Nic was that of a 23yo!! Luckily mine not too bad, just that of a 49yo. Only 8yrs fm my actual. We're gonna use this as our fitness platform. Hopefully it'll help get our reflex level back to our actual age! haha...

Friday, 13 February 2009


organising a trip for 14 pax to Fujian during the sch hols. it's not gonna be easy task man! Just getting the airfare checked and flights confirmed already a headache. Next will be the accommodation, transport and tour. got to work around so many pple's budget. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I agree to do this? I only wanted to accompany Dad for the trip. I didn't expect he'll hv so many pple accompanying him. Shd hv backed out earlier. Now too late liao lor.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Dun you love it?

do you salivate at the sight of this?? YES! this is 猪油渣! and it's my fav!! well, dun tell me about health issues and stuff. As long as i'm not eating it everyday or every meal, it's ok to indulge in my fav. And seriously, those well fried ones are not supposed to be oily, but crisp and dry. Best are those served at Kah Soh restaurants. So glad they made a come back after many years of disappearance. Now I can get my regular fix at the prawn noodle and fishball noodle stalls just outside my house! yippee!!