Sunday, 30 May 2010

Goodbye Singapore!

one photo with our helper before we head off to the airport.

Goodbye Singapore! we'll be back, but dunno when. You'll still be our motherland, our roots. Just for now, home will be in Shanghai.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Everything's packed

Everything's been packed up and out of the house already. These pictures were taken last night and now, the living and dining is 95% empty. We've had to eat our dinner on a mahjong table with plastic chairs. hee...
Suddenly feel a sense of emptiness. Has been so busy tying up lose ends over the last few weeks, haven't really had time to think about the move. Now that things are moving faster, reality is setting in. But am I ready for the move? Feeling quite lost actually.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

You wouldn't believe this!

My watch fell to the floor, and its crystal face chipped and cracked all directions!?

I've had this watch since early 1999 and have dropped it (ya ya, butter fingers) umpteen times. Never had it had any scratches on its crystal face before. And this evening before I left for a dinner appointment, it just slipped off my hands, landed on the marble floor and gosh! I got a shock when I picked it up. A tiny bit of chipped off the edge inwards and the broken pieces trapped inside the watch face. And the rest of the crystal face cracked in all directions! It must hv landed at the edge of the face and hit some chipped, sharp corner on the marble. For a moment my heart cracked just like the crystal face! I want to cry!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

He has grown

Went for medical check-up with Drew this morning. It was a requirement for the China residential permit application.

While doing the routine checks, the nurse measured his height and weight. 166cm and 52.2kg! Gosh! My son is taller than me already! He was just 145cm two years ago, and he has grown 21cm in that period! Mine oh mine! He has grown so much! Now I'm gonna have problem scolding him at eye level. Would have to make him sit down whenever I need to give him a lecture from now on. haha.... ;P