Monday, 31 March 2008

Bit of history

this is one of my dad's photo which was taken sometime in 1948 or 1949. He came to Spore in 1947 with his cousin and a few fellow villagers. After working here for some time, they took this picture at the studio to send back home to let their family know they're doing fine. My dad is the one sitting down in dark pants. His cousin is the one standing directly behind him.

Dad told me that after working for more than a year, he and his cousin saved enough money to let one of them go back to visit their families. Originally, it was supposed to be dad who were to go back, but for some reason, the plan changed and his cousin went back instead. The most unfortunate thing is, his cousin went swimming and drowned at the seaside in his village, while back there visiting. Up till today, dad still wonders if he had stayed with the original plan and went back, would he hv saved his cousin from that tragedy? This seemed to have become a regret in my dad's life as he thinks that perhaps he could have indirectly caused this tragedy.
Since his cousin's death, dad has treated my granduncle and grandaunt like his own parents. No doubt they've a few other children, dad still took care of them as much as he took care of his own parents. I guess this is a way for him to make himself feel better about his cousin's death.

To dad: Pa, don't feel so bad about it. It's been so long and I don't think anyone has ever blamed you for the tragedy. I always believe that life and death are destined and if your time is up, there's no hiding and it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing. Pa, we all love you and you've to take care of your health. Take it this way, you're not just living your life for yourself, you're also living for your late cousin too.

And I really hope you and Ma can read this. I really hope you both know exactly how I feel for you. I love you both.

Friday, 21 March 2008

So sad...

Very sad. Our hamster Alvin, the one that caught a cold previously, only survived exactly one month with us. He died on Wed, 19 Mar. Shortly after I noticed he's very weak and not eating. Didn't even hv time to think of where to bring him to consult vet, and he jus passed off in the evening.

And the most unfortunate thing is, our smallest terrapin, Tiny, also died the same day and we found him floating in the water in the evening too.

Ds2 cried so badly , his eyes were puffy the next morning. We used a tissue box and converted into a 'coffin' and buried both of them together. Rest in peace, Alvin and Tiny. We'll definitely miss you!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Happy 14th anniversary to us!

I have to admit. 14 years ago, at this time, I was feeling a little bit unsure. Did I make the right decision to settle down so soon? Was I sure this is the right person for me? Do we understand each other enough to live together? etc etc....

14 years later, today, my questions are answered. Yes, I made the right decision. And it was this decision that changed me and I became more matured, responsible and committed. Yes, he's the right person. Most of his strengths are my weaknesses and mine are his. So that's how we learned thru the years to complement and support each other in our weaker areas. And no, we didn't understand each other enough at that point in time. But we grow and change with time, so there'll never be a time where we can fully understand each other. And that is what that's keeping the marriage alife, isn't it?

Dude, dont think you'll be reading this now. But when the day comes when you discover this, I want you to know, I love u and our sons dearly. Thank you for whatever that you've done for me. And I look forward to walking by the beach with you, hand-in-hand, in our ripe old age.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

oh no! I've been slacking again...

oh I'm getting so terrible! Time seems to be zooming past me without anything accomplished! Everything is still in a mess and yet 3 weeks hv pasted already. Kids' holidays also over soon and yet nothing much has been done with them. My memory also getting really bad. Can walk fm living rm to kitchen and forgot what I was gonna do!? bad right? How to recover fm that huh? I think I need exercise to get the blood rushing and get myself back on track again! arrrrgggghhhh.......

anyway, there's been ups and downs in the past few weeks.

first, both boys failed their Chinese. Really upset, but kind of expected la. They're totally bochap* about the subject! Doing the assessments as they're given and not putting in any efforts to strive at all. I mean if their foundation is poor, I've nothing to complain. But they're a lot better than some kids who've no background/home support for the language at all! Yet they refuse to believe me that a little bit more of their effort will make tons of difference. to change their mindset and attitude leh?

then it's the pets. I came to realise something. if you let kids keep pets, be prepared that they'll become YOUR pets instead!! I've been responsible for their daily feeding, playing and wkly cleaning! and I've play 'vet' to them too! Observing their eating and living habits, 'talk' to them and check them to ensure that they'll doing fine. bla....

finally, there's still the lot of packing and clearing that I've been forever doing. Trying to sell some stuff that's been sitting around doing nothing but collecting dust. didn't realise that I have so many things!!! Where did I hide them previously fm my dh's eyes ah?? Our house was much smaller before leh? thank God he's much more patient now and I guess 'closing both eyes' to all my 'rubbish' sitting all around the house! haha...

*bochap - nonchalant in hokkien