Friday, 27 March 2009


A friend shared with me this.





Sunday, 22 March 2009

why the need to be so rude?

was at Courts Megastore with Drew and Nic around 9pm. Went to queue at a cashier counter to query about the balance on my Courts value card.

There were 2 customers before us. The 2nd customer, a 20something woman(cant bring myself to call her lady) looked rather impatient fm her body language, opening and closing the plastic cover of the memory card she was holding. The cashier seems to be having some problems with the few items the 1st customer was purchasing, thus taking a slightly longer time. While I was chatting with my sons, suddenly we were startled by the loud voice of the 2nd customer.

She asked the cashier: "IS THERE ANOTHER COUNTER SOMEWHERE?" (she was so loud I had to type this in caps). The cashier pointed the direction for her. Another 2 women standing a few metres away, who looked like her family, seemed to gesture (or asked in a lower voice) what's going on. She answered in an even louder voice: "I ALSO DUNNO WHAT'S GOING ON? I QUEUE HERE SO LONG ALREADY, STILL NOT MY TURN. WAH LAU, DUNNO WHAT SHE'S(referring to the cashier) DOING, SHE'S WORSE THAN A TORTOISE!!" And she stomped away to the other cashier counter.

Drew was shocked by her words and Nic was confused by her loud voice. I told my sons that by saying what she's said, she's not putting the cashier down, but disgracing herself! I think I was loud enough that the Malay family behind us heard what I said and smiled back in agreement.

I think this is a rather common scene in today's society. And to be precise, Singapore society. Where's our graciousness? Down the drain perhaps, since the subject Civics & Moral Education is non-examinable, so parents are just buying the books bcos they're in the compulsory booklist and it'll still be as new at the end of the year. Sigh...

Finally back...

...after being away for 7 days. Not a very pleasant trip though. My cold was actually getting better, but the erratic temperature made my cough worse and I lost my voice on the 3rd day. Really terrible to try and coordinate things without the voice to talk properly. And worse, sometimes coughing till my tears all flowing down. sigh..

Overall, the trip was a rush, going thru 5 towns in 7 days, and visited 7 big families. Whole trip was like non-stop on the road and eating, eating, eating! I've never had such a rush holiday before. Probably will be my first and last. I hate rushing around.

Traveling with 14 people fm 5 families, though related, but different personalities, different preferences and different expectations, that's the real challenge! Overall it was quite fun, tho there were a few episodes that I felt like ditching them and going off on my own.

anyway, should there be a next round, I'll just be a participant. I'm much easier to please than you all think so.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Yesterday - was running a slight fever and Nic was so concerned. He took the temperature scanner and became my personal doctor! Checked my temp on both ears and declared that I was running a temp at 37.8 deg C. So he said, "ok, then you cant go to China. You'll hv to stay here till you've recovered." haha....he's so cute! Think he's beginning to miss me even before we go.

Today - Fever had subsided and nose much better. But then, my taste buds have gone missing!? the only ones left seems to be the bitter taste buds. Everything I took tasted bitter, including my beloved Coke! Just didn't feel like eating anything. Maybe this is good, I'll lose some weight. hee...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

no taste buds?

everything i ate or drank in the last 3 days are tasteless. I dunno if it's the phlegm or the antibiotic that's causing this. I realise I've been eating just to fill my stomach, just to give me some strength. Nose is not so congested anymore, tho there's still quite a lot of phlegm. Cough is getting worse. Hv been taking double-dose of Vit C, hope I wont get Vit C poisoning!! is there such a thing? hee...


Just had a short screaming at Matt. He and his mood swings, just irritates me at the wrong time. I really dunno how to manage, or how to help him manage his mood swings.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sick again...

woke up with a very congested nose again. Hv the feeling like a big cold is coming. But I cant afford this now! We'll be leaving for Fujian on 15 Mar. Feel damn down. Dunno why, everytime before a trip, I'll hv to fall sick. Then I feel so weak during the trip that I cant enjoy myself. I hate the feeling.

Have been having this nose congestion episodes since Nov. Makes me wonder if it has got anything to do with my sinus problem again. Well, I had a serious sinus infection in 2001 and it made me go thru 3-4 mths of throat infection, whooping cough and at least 3-4 rounds of antibiotics before we stemmed the root of the problem. Had a day surgery to flush the infected sinus. Would never want to go thru that again! it was horrifying! I suspect my pulse shot up above 130/min during the process!! Am keeping my fingers crossed that this is not another sinus issue. Pray....

Gonna pop my Vit C now.........