Tuesday, 28 October 2008

He never stops amazing me

Was reading a bedtime story with him. Then he flipped to the back cover of the book and started checking out the other stories fm the same series.

While browsing the stories, he saw the price tag of $3.50. He started asking me how many more books he needs to complete the series? Told him 7 books and he asked how much will that costs.

Me: You tell me. Since one book costs you $3.50, how much will 7 books be?

Nic: huh? haha...how to count?

Me: Just count like how yr teacher taught you.

Nic: hmm....(started mumbling to himself)..3, 6, 9, 12.....ok ok, I'll need $21! No no no, wait...(mumbling again)..it shd be $24.50!

Me: Amazing! So how much will the whole set including yr copy cost you?

Nic: ah....so I add another $3.50....that will be $28!

Me: .....

Our conversation lasted less than 3 minutes! And no, he's never been to any math or abacus enrichment classes. Neither hv I done any additional work with him at home. Well, I've ever questioned myself over it before, whether I'm doing enough for him. But decided that I shd let him enjoy his childhood and learn at his own pace. But he never stops amazing me.

First it was his reading. He's reading a lot earlier than his brothers, tho still lacking behind some genius kids who starts reading at 2yo la. Then it's his Chinese. Picking up strokes and HYPY in a breeze. Now it's his math!! I wonder if I could keep up with his pace. His brothers are 'kow tow-ing' to him already! haha... Maybe it's a good thing that he'll pose as a challenge to his bros to buck up a little. hee...

Guess he's lucky to have met good teachers in the last 3yrs while in his childcare. Mummy being very relaxed thru pregnancy with him probably contributed a little. Maybe the weekly cordycep soup while he was a foetus gave him some boost too? And I thk having a big head probably helped him most! haha....


不想多写, 只能说是自己的错。只想在这里做个记录,提醒自己,以后不管什么事都要三思而后行。讲什么写什么都好,都要想清想楚了才说才写。一旦被误解,就会留下一个烙印。。。


Sunday, 19 October 2008

My fav...

Found my favourite T-shirt while sorting out my wardrobe...

Hee...need I say more?

Friday, 17 October 2008


Went cycling along the beach yesterday morning. Beautiful morning and I took quite a few pictures with my hp.

beautiful right? That's what I like about this side of the island. Away fm the urban rush and sometimes it can feel so serene, as if you're in the countryside or even relaxing at a resort. Think it'll take a lot of convincing before I'll even consider moving out of this area.

While I was finding my way out thru car park C, I chanced upon this little 'discovery'!
It's a small garden full of herbs, fruits and flowers. There are different types of kitchen herbs, some local fruits and 'vegetables' and some really beautiful flowers. It's a good place for kids to see, feel and smell these stuff that they usually only see in the markets or supermarkets.

While I was busy clicking away and looking amazingly at the greens, a 'retiree-lookalike' walked thru the little garden and greeted me. We chatted for a while and I found out that this 'garden' has been around for some time already. It's supported by NPB but manned by some volunteer residents in the area. wow! amazing!

Vehicle inspection

My mood has been totally dampened!

Sent the car to VICOM Changi for inspection. It's only 3yo and I dun understand why it needs an inspection if it has been serviced regularly by the agent. Anyway, when garment says so, we got to follow. First, it's the charges. Call me stingy la, but a 15-min inspection costs $58! not forgetting the 7% GST. Felt like the dengue mosquito sucking my blood.

Anyway, the car went thru 2 'machines' checking the wheels and then the headlights. The rest were done by the mechanics using their 'eyes'. And one of the mechanic came up to me and said,

"Excuse me? Is this yr car?"
"You see, yr back windows and windscreen has the tinted film. It's not the approved one."
"No, it cant be. We hv chosen the one which only blocks the ultra violet rays but not the view into the car, so it cant be wrong."
"No no, it's not the approved type. Yours is the reflective type and under the sun, you can see yr own image but not inside. So we hv to fail yr inspection."
"What? It is not reflective! You can definitely see inside."
"It is la, ma'am. We cannot let it pass."

I'm still not convinced by their explanation. There was another car which has windows looking darker than mine and it cleared the inspection. I really don't understand how the mechanics judge the 'reflectiveness' or 'clarity' of the film with their eyes. sigh...

After I left the inspection centre, I noticed that they've failed my headlights too!? What's wrong with it? It's original with the car, so how could it be wrong?? And I wasn't even given an explanation what was wrong or what changes need to be done to it!! Sick!

Everyday on the roads, I see so many cars with weird modifications, 'mirror-like' windows/windscreen, 'super power' headlights, with drivers speeding down expressways at 120kmh. But they never get booked by TP leh. Then poor law abiding driver with an all-original car cannot pass the inspection?! Ridiculous!

My fire's burning hot today!! >(

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

low white blood cells...so how?

Dad couldn't have his 3rd dose of chemotherapy yesterday because his blood test showed that his white blood cell count is low. I vaguely remember that when our white blood cell(wbc) number is high, it means we're having some form of infection and the body is producing more wbc to fight the infection. But what happens when it's low?

As far as I understand fm what I've read, the chemo drug targets all fast-growing cells in our body, which includes our skin cells, blood cells and hair cells. That is why patients going thru chemo experience hairloss, skin irritation and drop in their blood cell counts. So I guess this must be the reason why doc cancelled Dad's chemo ytd to prevent the drug fm reducing the wbc further. But how to help the body increase the no of wbc to its optimum level?

Anyway, Dad's been quite 'healthy' otherwise. His appetite is soooooooooo good that he's eating 4-5 meals a day. He's been eating so much till he start asking me, "Is this normal? Why do I keep getting hungry so easily?" haha... Told him that I'm happier seeing him eat than when he cant eat. He cant eat, I cant sleep! Now he's gone out to town with Mum, on their own! First time that they've gone out on their own without me (or any of my siblings) accompanying, since his hospitalisation in May. I'm confident he knows his body well, and he knows he can go about independently. Dad, jia you!

Now we'll just wait for next Tue for his CT scan. Then the doc will review it with us on 21 Oct. Hopefully this CT scan will show further improvement and he can be off chemo or be switched to a reduced frequency. Pray.


此时,他应该已经完成了他PSLE的最后一科考试。这意味着他过去一年所有压力和辛勤的结束, 也为他6年的小学教育画上句号。孩子,你辛苦了!


We love you!

Friday, 3 October 2008

jia you my son!

my dearest son working 'hard' on some mock exam papers. Today the PSLE has started with the English paper. He is slightly above average in this subject, mainly bcos his written English is quite disorganised. Nonetheless, I've seen significant improvement and he has also shown signs of wanting to do better.

It's been a stressful year for him, I know. I've been reminding myself repeatedly to be patient and calm with him. But seeing how nonchalant he is sometimes, makes my blood pressure shoot up! I'm glad he's been quite cooperative in the last 2-3 weeks. I'm hoping that he'll remain focussed and finish off the rest of the papers smoothly.

Son, I've confidence in you and I know you'll make it if you put yr heart to it. And I'm waiting to see that you really put yr heart to what you're doing. Prove it to yourself, that you can if you want to. We're behind you all the way. We love you!

are all old pple like that?

jus overheard my parent's mini 'squabbling' again. Dad woke up fm his nap at the sofa. Saw Mum's quilting fabrics at the other side of the sofa, and casually asked, "what are the fabrics doing there?" Mum got so sensitive and started raising her voice!? "I was just arranging them in order, what has it got to do with you? Some fabric on the sofa, got in yr way meh? Your eyes cant even bear a tiny little dirt ah!" ???!!! Dad went silent....

I'm wondering, are all old folks like that? or is it my mum? her temper seems to be getting worse these days. And the most upsetting thing is, she's taking it out on Dad. Her poor hearing does not help either. Sometimes Dad tries to tell her something, she'll 'mis-hear' it and start arguing with him. Then when she's unhappy with anything that we (the children) do, she 'dare' not tell us off, but grumble to my Dad instead. Just feel so unfair for Dad. There he is, cant bear to see her worry and decided not to let her know the truth about his illness, then has to take all these nonsense fm her. sigh...it's so unfair.

anyway, there's just no way to change my Mum. She's been so stubborn since the day I understand things. I've grown up wondering why she's not like other mothers. I've tried explaining and talking sense to her, with her always 'agreeing' to my explanations. But in the end, she still stick to her own viewpoint. I'm beginning to give up explaining things to her, or showing her more objective views. I thot I'm stubborn, but she's many times more than me. sigh...

but then again, if it's someone outside of the family that tells her something, she'll believe it 101%!? funny hor? but that's just my Mum lor.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Stress and retail therapy....

...am very stressed, for obvious reason. Tomorrow's THE DAY! am keeping my fingers and toes all crossed and hope that he'll keep his focus and attempt his paper properly. There's nothing I can do anymore except giving him my mental support. All the best to him.

...being stressed is the best excuse to SHOP! hee...cant go out much, so how? Online shopping's the answer!! spent nearly $100 already on online shopping. Gonna stop clicking the pages or the bills gonna shoot up!!!

6 more days to my freedom...............