Sunday, 22 March 2009

Finally back...

...after being away for 7 days. Not a very pleasant trip though. My cold was actually getting better, but the erratic temperature made my cough worse and I lost my voice on the 3rd day. Really terrible to try and coordinate things without the voice to talk properly. And worse, sometimes coughing till my tears all flowing down. sigh..

Overall, the trip was a rush, going thru 5 towns in 7 days, and visited 7 big families. Whole trip was like non-stop on the road and eating, eating, eating! I've never had such a rush holiday before. Probably will be my first and last. I hate rushing around.

Traveling with 14 people fm 5 families, though related, but different personalities, different preferences and different expectations, that's the real challenge! Overall it was quite fun, tho there were a few episodes that I felt like ditching them and going off on my own.

anyway, should there be a next round, I'll just be a participant. I'm much easier to please than you all think so.

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