Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day

We had a simple celebration for Mother's Day yesterday. It's been a long time ago that we celebrated Mother's Day outside. The extended family has grown so big, plus it's getting so difficult to get everyone together at a specific timing. So for these past few years, we've been doing it at home.

This year it's a long celebration. It stretched from lunch thru dinner, and everyone only left at midnight. What a long day! And I'm getting lazier, so food is getting simpler too. Hey, it's tiring entertaining people you know?

Anyway, the happiest are definitely my folks. It's always a happy event for them having everyone over. And they had a great time reminiscing good old times watching videos of my wedding, my bro's wedding and their bangkok trip in the 90s!

1 comment:

QianHao:D said...

hello, yiyi.
really appreciated the organisation u had for mother;s day.
i dont think your dishes has become simpler.
thanks for going through the trouble to prepare everything for us(:
if not for your planning and organisation, i dont think our family would be as close.
im even envied by my friends for that.
anw, thanks again yiyi:D