Wednesday, 15 December 2010

First snow in Shanghai, 2010

We welcomed Shanghai's first snow for 2010 today!
Weather forecast said there'll be rain-cum-snow today due to the cold current from the North. Temperature dropped a good 5 degrees Celcius to a low of about 3degC and high of 8degC.
The snow started around midday with tiny specks of snow flying in the air, melting the moment it touches a solid surface. An hour later, the snow flakes got bigger as the wind got stronger! By 330pm, this is what we have! Everywhere is turning white and snow is accumulating!

The wind is still quite strong and it's freezing cold out there. But the kids are having so much fun, throwing snow at each other already!
If it continues to be dry and snowing tonight, we'll be expecting to walk on ice tomorrow! brrr.....

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