Wednesday, 2 April 2008

so angry with.... mum!!

spent the whole afternoon researching on the internet to read more about tuberculosis(TB) and how serious would dad's case be. Finally felt more at ease when I read that in cases where the patient only has TB infection, meaning the bacteria in his body is dormant(sleeping), there's no risk of passing the bacteria to anyone in anyway. And it can be treated with antibiotics taken over a period of 3-6 months. At least felt a temporary relief for now.

Then while I was sharing with dad after dinner about what I've found out, mum started blaring about her 'knowledge' of TB and that we shd start taking precautions like separating eating utensils, isolation, etc etc... I tried to explain to her that dad's case is different as his lesions appeared inactive, which means it might just be a dormant case and not the active case of TB disease. And tried to site as example the difference between a Hep B carrier and Hep B disease sufferer. But stubborn her just went on and on and insisted that she was right because one of the tenants in her parents' house decades ago had TB disease and they had to take all these precautions. I got in an argument with her and finally told her that if she's so knowledgeable then next time she can accompany dad for his medical appts and talk to his doctor on his behalf instead!! Fed up!

This is the one thing I really dislike about my mum. For as long as I can remember, she's been very inclined to listening and believing what her friends and neighbours(or even strangers) told her instead of what we, her husband and children, have to share. She has always been very stubborn and even when we try to explain things to her and show her the logic, she'll still believe that what she heard is correct. brrr....

anyway, I still love and care about her. Just can't stand her stubbornness! I thot pple tend to become wiser and more receptive as they grow older? How come it's not happening to my mum? sigh....


Agnes Tan said...

TB is not an infectious disease to begin with. Maybe you can tell your mum that.

My mum is the same too. She'll listen and believe everybody except me. So in order for my words to sink into her brain, somebody else has to be saying the same things as me, then she'll listen & believe. *roll eyes*

There's nothing we can do. Except make sure we won't turn out to be that way with our kids.

Dutchess said...

Yoo hoo! Guess who? :P


You know how mothers (or fathers) can get. Hang in there.


That goes into the worldwide compilation of "mummy quirks". ;) having said that, I think you just need to 1. vent a little 2. a listening ear.

So, there you go. :)

mummytay said...

hello! glad to see both of you here! welcome to my world.