Friday, 12 June 2009

Farewell Gryffindor, our scratchy terrapin

While I was out having dinner with my dear friends last night, I didn't realise something happened at home. I only realised I had 9 missed calls and 2 msg from home towards the end of dinner. Both messages were from Matt:

"Come back early Mummy the terrapin passed away. ---matt" 20:05hrs

"Please come back faster" 20:36hrs

When I finally called home, Matt sounded very sad. He was not crying anymore, but I believed it must have hit him real bad. When I got home, his brothers said he was crying buckets. Cant blame him as there were no signs that the little reptile was sick or anything. It was still active in the afternoon. When they peeped at it around 8pm, it was not moving already and its limbs were hanging loosely.

Matt found a small paper box and put it inside with tissue papers. We sealed the box after saying our final goodbye. This time, Matt joined me in burying it. We chose to bury it beside our podocarpus tree. Let's hope it'll help the tree to grow better.

Bye Gryffindor. You've been good company.

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