Monday, 28 September 2009

Poor Mum

was reading the papers when I heard their commotion. Went up and saw Mum yelling at Dad, while he looked so irritated and told her to go downstairs.

This has been a common sight in recent weeks. Dad being breathless, could only speak softly. Mum trying as far as possible to help/care for him, but always cant hear him clearly despite having her hearing aid. So when Dad says this, she'll do that. Then Dad had to repeat himself till he got fedup and started shouting at her! Mum being ultra-sensitive will start yelling back and say that he's being so unreasonable and scolding her so often since he fell sick. But seriously, this is not true.

Brought Mum downstair and sat down with her for breakfast. Tried to console her and explain to her that he wasn't scolding her, etc etc. I reckon I had to reiterate the fact to her that Dad's days are numbered and he'll get weaker and weaker. So she had to be prepared herself and be more patient with him.

Think she's also very stressed, so afternoon brought her out to have coffee with sis. Trying to let her have some fresh air and destress a bit. Really worried about her emotional being when the time comes. sigh...

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