Sunday, 14 March 2010


Nope, not me. But we were the first witnesses.

Went to Suntec with Nic for his piano theory grading test this morning. Followed by a rush buy at the IT Show. Was on our way home when we witness this 'freak' accident.

Was driving along Benjamin Sheares Bridge, heading towards the Tanjong Rhu entrance into KPE. We were on the right lane and a motorcycle was on the left. Just as we approached the curve into the tunnel, suddenly, the motorcycle next to me hit something and went into a somersault!!! The motorist landed face/chest down, seemed really bad.

My first instinct was filter left and stopped the car at the road shoulder. Reminded Nic to stay put in the car, while I quickly got off and ran towards the motorist. As I got off, I realise 3 other cars stopped behind me and the drivers also got off to help. As we approached the motorist, we could see him lying face down, motionless. Blood was coming out of his mouth and nose. A Cisco van and another car stopped behind him and his bike to prevent any reckless driver from crashing into him.

I squat down and kept calling, "uncle, are you ok? uncle, are you concious??" He's a slightly chubby, 50-60yo Chinese man. Part of his denture broke and flew out, lying on the road looking bloody! After a short while, he was started moving. I kept asking him if he felt any pain in his neck or his back, and told him to stay still and wait for the ambulance. The Cisco officer called for the ambulance, while few other guys helped to pick up his bike and pushed it to the side.

After about 5mins, the uncle kind of regained his senses after the shock and got up with the help of the guys. They sat him down at the side of the road and gave him tissue to clean himself. I picked up the broken piece of his denture with a piece of tissue and gave it back to him. As he cleaned himself, I asked if he wanted to call his family and inform them. He kept saying no and that he can ride the bike back himself!!?? We told him no, he needs to wait for the ambulance to check him before he could go.

Seeing that he looked ok, and there were the other guys around. I apologised and excused myself as Nic was still waiting in the car.

There was no report of the accident in the papers. Apparently what his bike hit was a 2ft by 1ft by 1/2ft block of wood. Possibly dropped off from some trucks or what. I really hope the uncle wasn't badly injured. Hope he didn't have any internal injuries because the fall really looked very bad. His bike's handle was a little slanted and the side mirrors were broken. His helmet's front shield also flew off. Really hope he is fine.

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