Saturday, 27 March 2010

Little kitty

Heard mewing sounds since last night. And found this kitty at my neighbour's fence this morning. We decided to 'rescue' it and hopefully find it a permanent home and loving owner.

This little one was so frightened when we brought it back. It was hissing at us when we tried to touch it, and will claw us when we tried to carry it.
After half a day non-stop mewing, it finally calmed down and settled pretty nicely in our shower room. And ate some steamed fish and white rice.
Through facebook, we finally found it a sweet owner and a nice home to go to. Let's hope it'll settle down quickly and enjoy its new family.
Matt was pretty upset when our friend collected it. He wished we could keep it, but unfortunately we'll be leaving the country, so it's definitely not possible to keep it.

While looking through the pictures we took for it, Matt suddenly asked, "Will the little kitty grow up to look like Dewey?" And that's the picture from the cover of the book Dewey.
Do you think the little kitty will look like this when all grown up? >)


joven said...

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Maggie May said...

oh it's so cute!!!