Monday, 2 August 2010

Kids will always be kids

Hub's traveling again, and as usual, the kids all bunked-in in my room.

They were having so much fun ....laughing, joking, giggling, play-pretending, teasing each other away. It's moments like these that assured us that it was a right choice to room them together for as long as possible.

One moment it was like a riot in the room and the noise level was hitting the roof! the next moment, they're all sound asleep and the room is left with the sound of the aircon blowing.

Having been nagging my 14yo to please grow up and behave better and be more matured. But he's really the 'leader' to his 2 brothers, esp when it comes to play! Still remember when he went on a 10-day trip with his school 2years ago, it became so quiet at home and the other 2 seemed so lost. Without this live wire, they're just not the same at all. So I guess I'll just to have let him be, and let him continue to be the leader to his brothers.

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