Saturday, 2 August 2008

Chicken pox!!

Nic had slight fever on Wed night thru Thu morning. We thot it's just the common cold since he had some sniffing too. Ina found quite a number of red spots on his legs and cheek and we thot he was attacked by mosquitoes.

Then on Thu night, we found more red spots on his groin and neck. On close inspection, I was certain it's chicken pox though the blister hasn't appeared yet. Brought him to GP first thing on Fri morning. It was confirmed with the first blister showing on his forehead just hiding behind his hairline!

Luckily, the older boys had their taste of chicken pox already when they were much younger. I had mine some 15yrs ago. Mum also supposedly had her chicken pox and even the shingles. But Dad is not sure if he had it before. Checked with the GP and the NCCS hotline, and they all suggested separating Dad fm Nic as Dad's immunity is low and any form of infection may cause more serious problems. So out of desperation, had to send Dad (and Mum of course) to eldest sis' house. They've lived there prior to moving in with me, so that's where they felt most comfortable going back to. They'll hv to stay there till Nic's chicken pox all dried up (probably in a weeks' time) and certified non-contagious. Then I'll fetch them back again. Sorry.

Back to the little one. Never have I known that he's such a vain pot! He's so concious about the pox surfacing on his face! I've warned him to abstain fm scratching as breaking the blisters may mean leaving a possible permanent scar on his skin. This little devil took it so seriously, that he's getting upset over every new spot we found on him! haha...dunno to laugh or cry. This is a boy we're talking about and he's so concious over his looks. But that's quite like Drew when he was young (or even now).

Anyway, thus far, his outbreak is still quite alright. We counted 44 spots as of last night. Dunno if it's the anti-viral medicine (cost me $45 a bottle!!) that the GP prescribed, or his is just not a very full blown chicken pox. Or maybe it's the chicken pox vaccination he had in 2003 that's suppressing it to a smaller scale outbreak? But..but...isn't the vaccination suppose to prevent him fm getting it at all?? So much for trusting all these vaccinations!? They dun work all the time either. sigh...

Now I have headache. I'll be striped to this little monster for 24/7 for a WHOLE WEEK!!! or even more if his pox takes longer to dry up. What am I to do with a little devil who goes around saying he's bored every half hour?? OH MY GOD!!


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Hows the pox coming along?