Friday, 1 August 2008

2nd cycle started

Dad saw his doctor on Tue, and his blood tests results all turned out well. This means his body has not been badly affected by the chemo drug and he can continue to go on the 2nd cycle. Arrangement was made and he had the 1st dose on the same day. Everything went well during treatment and Dad was high spirited.

His appetite seems so good the last whole week, maybe bcos it's the rest wk of his chemo cycle. He's been asking for different things. He wanted to eat the Telok Kurau hokkien fried prawn noodle but twice we went there, they were closed. So we had the famous Beach Rd prawn/pork rib beehoon soup. Then he asked for pork kidney and I cooked it twice in a week for him. On Monday he actually asked for pig's heart! So I bought one and double-boiled with American ginseng for him. The way he craved for food is a bit like a preggie mommy's craving leh. haha... but it's great to see him craving for food. It's definitely better than seeing him no appetite and chewing bread with milk only. Hope his appetite will continue to be good.

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