Friday, 21 November 2008

Nic's graduation concert

Went to Nanyang Polytechnic's auditorium to witness Nic's kindergarten graduation and concert. He's performing and has been so excited about his role as a frog! ;0)

It started off with the little graduands donning the graduation robe and the mortar board and heading up stage to receive their certificates and photo taking. I was so excited looking high and low for my little skinny boy, only to find his centre is the last group to come out. This boy was so serious looking and walked with his face straight ahead without even noticing that we're all frantically waving at him! haha... no wonder the teachers always praise him for being serious and obedient in school!

Then came the concert and frankly, with the effects of the medication, I was yawning and coughing half the time. And again, his group was the last to perform. But he really looked so cute! (ya, all mummies find their own kids cute what, cannot meh?) In the green froggy costume, he was like a machine, his hands going up and down, left to right. He really looked froggy with his glasses!! haha...

After the concert, picked their 小姑姑 up fm YCK MRT and we went Melben for dinner. Yucks!! all the dishes were so salty and the soup was not piping hot when served. And for a simple dinner without any seafood for 3 adults and 3 kids, it was totally overpriced at $110+! Never gonna go back there again.

While I was walking thru the carpark with Drew, he told me this. He said, "Mummy, u know, this morning when you lectured me and Matt-Matt, I had a sudden urge of shouting back at you! But then I didn't."!!!!! I was shocked and asked him why? why did he feel that way and what did I say that he got so angry about? He couldn't (or maybe didn't want to?) give me an answer, and just simply said, "nevermind, it's over. I'll never shout at my mummy. I love my mummy!" I think I'll have to watch his emotional growth even more closely. He's beginning to show signs of closing in. How?

sigh...another thing to learn as parent to pre-teen going to teen.

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