Saturday, 8 November 2008

What a week!

It was such a hectic week!! Besides Monday, I was practically in and out of hospitals/clinics all the other weekdays!

Tuesday - Went NCC for Dad's usualy chemo session. But his platelets were low and he had to skip that session. And that was in the morning around 9+. Then we went over to Singhealth Polyclinic across fm NCC. Dad has his regular hypertension and diabetes checkup. He went for his glucose blood test, while I queued for his registration. That alone used up 30-40mins. Then comes the dragging part, waiting for his turn outside the doc's room. For heaven's sake, why can't polyclinic doctors/nurses/staff be better in terms of time management??? We spent a total of more than 4hrs queueing to see the doctor and then the nurse counsellor!! Ridiculous isn't it? By the time we went home, it was already 4+ in the afternoon. That's the end of my day...

Wednesday - Nic has his follow-up check-up at the KKH. Not sure if we were lucky or was it bcos it's still a school day. We managed to see the doc in less than 20mins and everything was over in under 1hr, including collection of medication. Impressive!! See the extreme difference between the 2 clinics?? Time for Singhealth polyclinic to learn from KKH.

Thursday - Matt's off from school for the day. So I decided to bring him to the PR polyclinic for a referral to KKH for a medical issue. It's a Thursday, which usually will not be extremely crowded for polyclinics. But still, registration alone was 25mins' wait, then waiting to see the doctor was another 1.5-2hrs. Even waiting for them to fix the appt with KKH took us another 25mins. I managed to finish 1/4 of my book while going thru all these waiting and waiting! Singhealth, please take note and look into yr clinics' efficiency. sigh...

Friday - Mum had her follow-up appt at CGH. The nurses at the registration counter is very 'cute'. They'll tell you upfront, "be prepared to wait for an hour"!? I looked around the waiting area, there wasn't many patients, so why need 1 hr? Anyway, we waited lor, what else to do? Then we met this 'young' doctor, who's probably around early or mid 30s. He was not good in Hokkien, so spoke briefly with Mum. Then he turned to me and switched to English to explain what they had done for her previously. I was quite annoyed with him bcos he kept using the word 'cancer' in the process of explaining that they did some biopsy on the cells retrieved fm Mum's stomach previously, and found no abnormal cells. Ya, I understand he had to reassure us that she does not hv cancer. But did he had to repeat it so many times?? He probably used the word like 6-7 times! I glanced at Mum and could see that she's beginning to show confusion on her face! When he ended, I told him, my Mum is a very negative person, could you please tell her in Mandarin that she does not hv cancer? His use of that word is kinda freaking her out!! So in the end, we spent about 3hrs there as well.

So that was how my week went. It's really tiring going around all these 'waiting game'! I wonder when my body will give way under these stresses. I WANT MY LIFE!!!

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