Sunday, 4 January 2009


why are old pple so stubborn?

they came back with quite a bit of dried food stuff and a box of angku kueh tonight. The angku kueh was fm SIL's relative's bb first month celebration. I believe she brought it home when she visited her parents yesterday, and then passed it to my parents this afternoon. Before helper kept it in the fridge, she opened the box to clean the cover. A soury stench already came out fm the box. We examined the angku kueh and they were a little mouldy too. As it's a whole box, I cant possible dumped them away and 'lie' to my old folks that I ate them!? So I brought the box up to their room to let them see/smell it for themselves.

When I showed Dad, he cant really see the mouldy-ness, but he agreed that there's a sour stench already. I let Mum smell it, though I think 90% chance is she cant smell it bcos her sense of smell is kinda gone. I even 'dig' up the angku kueh to show her the mouldy parts.

Me: "sour hor? see all the mould there?"

Mum: "ya a bit sour. got mould ah? cant see la. Nevermind la, put in the fridge, tomorrow steam it then can eat already."

Me: "WHAT!!!???"

Mum: "aiya, steam liao not sour already lor. whole box leh, very sayang."

Me: "your stomach lining already have inflammation, you still want to anyhow eat? later you get more ill how?"

Dad: "aiya, just throw la just throw la."

Me: ..............

I dunno what to say. Out of respect, I went up and showed them the kueh just to prove to them that 'look, it's spoilt and you cant eat it', so that I can throw them away. But they think that I'm the one who's being bossy, fussy and wasteful. Why dun they understand that by not wasting this few dollars of kueh, it might cause them to fall ill and need more money and time to get them well again?

This made me recall another such incident. Few weeks back, Dad went to 2nd sis' house and brought back half a plastic bag of dry handmade noodles. Apparently that's the uncooked leftover fm niece's wedding a week before that. He brought it all the way home by bus, and then asked helper to cook it for lunch the next day. Helper prepared the soup stock and all the ingredients and only when she added the noodle into the soup then the sour stench gushed out! She asked Mum to smell the noodle and again Mum can say that "ya a bit sour, but throw away very sayang! one pot leh."!!?? Helper told Mum that if she insisted on keeping the noodles, she's not gonna eat it. Dad and Mum can hv them all. So in the end, they relented and let her pour the noodles away.

I just feel so tired. Why must I keep on dealing with these issues? Why wont they understand that they cant eat food that's turning bad?

Now I dunno when, or which sister she's gonna complain to again. Will wait for a few weeks to see which sister will come calling me and ask me not to 'scold' her, yet again.

I'm so tired. I want to leave this place. I want to run away!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

老人家是这样的啦 ,她是我们的妈妈你应该很了解她,好好跟她说,她会明白的,过后就会没事的啦!多体谅一下她年轻时受的苦,就不会太难受了。要珍惜,莫待失去了,才后悔