Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sis' MIL

went to TTSH with Mum to visit 3rd Sis' MIL just now. She's been hospitalised for 8 weeks already. When we saw her, she was in the ICU and down with pneumonia. She looked swollen and so frail. there were so many tubes and wires attached to her. She was unconcious but her head was moving up and down bcos of her difficulty in breathing. It's just so painful seeing her like that. She's always looked so prim and proper, and very strong. Just few months ago, she was still playing mahjong every Sunday till late night. And sad.

Sis, BIL and his sisters all looked so stressed and drained. They've been visiting her in the hospital daily since she was warded. And seeing her condition getting worse each day has taken a toll on them, both physically and emotionally.

Yvo has also been really really stressed and down. She's very very close to her granny and she just cant accept the fact that her 'always so strong' granny has become so frail.

Quoted fm her blog:


I feel her pain, her longing for her granny to get well and come home. I cant help but tear....

Pray...pray for her recovery, pray for her return home soon. Pray...

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