Tuesday, 28 October 2008

He never stops amazing me

Was reading a bedtime story with him. Then he flipped to the back cover of the book and started checking out the other stories fm the same series.

While browsing the stories, he saw the price tag of $3.50. He started asking me how many more books he needs to complete the series? Told him 7 books and he asked how much will that costs.

Me: You tell me. Since one book costs you $3.50, how much will 7 books be?

Nic: huh? haha...how to count?

Me: Just count like how yr teacher taught you.

Nic: hmm....(started mumbling to himself)..3, 6, 9, 12.....ok ok, I'll need $21! No no no, wait...(mumbling again)..it shd be $24.50!

Me: Amazing! So how much will the whole set including yr copy cost you?

Nic: ah....so I add another $3.50....that will be $28!

Me: .....

Our conversation lasted less than 3 minutes! And no, he's never been to any math or abacus enrichment classes. Neither hv I done any additional work with him at home. Well, I've ever questioned myself over it before, whether I'm doing enough for him. But decided that I shd let him enjoy his childhood and learn at his own pace. But he never stops amazing me.

First it was his reading. He's reading a lot earlier than his brothers, tho still lacking behind some genius kids who starts reading at 2yo la. Then it's his Chinese. Picking up strokes and HYPY in a breeze. Now it's his math!! I wonder if I could keep up with his pace. His brothers are 'kow tow-ing' to him already! haha... Maybe it's a good thing that he'll pose as a challenge to his bros to buck up a little. hee...

Guess he's lucky to have met good teachers in the last 3yrs while in his childcare. Mummy being very relaxed thru pregnancy with him probably contributed a little. Maybe the weekly cordycep soup while he was a foetus gave him some boost too? And I thk having a big head probably helped him most! haha....

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