Friday, 17 October 2008

Vehicle inspection

My mood has been totally dampened!

Sent the car to VICOM Changi for inspection. It's only 3yo and I dun understand why it needs an inspection if it has been serviced regularly by the agent. Anyway, when garment says so, we got to follow. First, it's the charges. Call me stingy la, but a 15-min inspection costs $58! not forgetting the 7% GST. Felt like the dengue mosquito sucking my blood.

Anyway, the car went thru 2 'machines' checking the wheels and then the headlights. The rest were done by the mechanics using their 'eyes'. And one of the mechanic came up to me and said,

"Excuse me? Is this yr car?"
"You see, yr back windows and windscreen has the tinted film. It's not the approved one."
"No, it cant be. We hv chosen the one which only blocks the ultra violet rays but not the view into the car, so it cant be wrong."
"No no, it's not the approved type. Yours is the reflective type and under the sun, you can see yr own image but not inside. So we hv to fail yr inspection."
"What? It is not reflective! You can definitely see inside."
"It is la, ma'am. We cannot let it pass."

I'm still not convinced by their explanation. There was another car which has windows looking darker than mine and it cleared the inspection. I really don't understand how the mechanics judge the 'reflectiveness' or 'clarity' of the film with their eyes. sigh...

After I left the inspection centre, I noticed that they've failed my headlights too!? What's wrong with it? It's original with the car, so how could it be wrong?? And I wasn't even given an explanation what was wrong or what changes need to be done to it!! Sick!

Everyday on the roads, I see so many cars with weird modifications, 'mirror-like' windows/windscreen, 'super power' headlights, with drivers speeding down expressways at 120kmh. But they never get booked by TP leh. Then poor law abiding driver with an all-original car cannot pass the inspection?! Ridiculous!

My fire's burning hot today!! >(

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