Friday, 17 October 2008


Went cycling along the beach yesterday morning. Beautiful morning and I took quite a few pictures with my hp.

beautiful right? That's what I like about this side of the island. Away fm the urban rush and sometimes it can feel so serene, as if you're in the countryside or even relaxing at a resort. Think it'll take a lot of convincing before I'll even consider moving out of this area.

While I was finding my way out thru car park C, I chanced upon this little 'discovery'!
It's a small garden full of herbs, fruits and flowers. There are different types of kitchen herbs, some local fruits and 'vegetables' and some really beautiful flowers. It's a good place for kids to see, feel and smell these stuff that they usually only see in the markets or supermarkets.

While I was busy clicking away and looking amazingly at the greens, a 'retiree-lookalike' walked thru the little garden and greeted me. We chatted for a while and I found out that this 'garden' has been around for some time already. It's supported by NPB but manned by some volunteer residents in the area. wow! amazing!

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