Friday, 15 February 2008

Do I still need girls?

ds3 was so cute! He put his brother's teddy to bed before going off to cc this morning! sweet right? was walking past their room when I caught a glimpse of this. Got to snap a pic of it la!

The 3 boys have a teddy each and they sleep with them every night. The teddies get to follow them on family vacations too! This one in the pic belongs to ds1. ds3 has 2 beanie dogs too. He has a plastic 'CARS' box which he used as a 'bed' for the beanie dogs, while his teddy will sleep with him on his bed. He loves to use his hand towels as blankets for the soft toys and will really tuck them in nicely before he goes to bed.

Such sweet boys!

PS: make a guess! What has become teddy's pillow? hee...

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Yvonne said...

Wah lau your sons really very funny! nicece