Wednesday, 13 February 2008


It's a sad day for the kids today. Their pet terrapin, Shadow, has passed away.

He was our last addition to the 'family' of 3 terrapins in late Dec. But since we transferred them to our new water feature last mth, he's been in distress. Notice the poor fellow not eating since a week ago and slowly he became weaker and weaker, and his shell softened. Finally he gave up and 'left' us in the middle of last night.

Boys were pretty upset, esp ds2. He, being the emotional baby, was sobbing so sadly. He offered his precious little plastic box (which he used to catch spiders) as Shadow's 'coffin'. He even wrote 'RIP Shadow' on the box. And ds1 cut and placed some flowers in the box to 'send' Shadow off. When ds3 came home after cc, we brought the box to the nearby canal and let it drift away.

Rest in peace, Shadow...

PS: ds2 so funny! After the 'burial', he asked me when's the ghost month!? Bcos he wants to go drop some terrapin food at the spot we 'buried' Shadow for him!!!?? cute la!

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