Monday, 11 February 2008

I'm drained....

growing to dislike festivities. It's always like mad rush, before, during and even after the holidays. Rushing to prepare the goodies, the springcleaning, the marketing, etc before the festivities. Rushing for the visitings and entertainings (even tho I'm a lot, lot better than those who've to cover like 20-30 households in all!!) And now, rushing to get kids back to their routine and their minds back into their books!

was casually telling dh that maybe we shd trying going away for CNY for once. Just to run away fm all these mad rush. hee...but I know I cant la. My parents will sure give me FACE to see for dunno how long.

think i'm getting old also. body not taking all these running around well already! haha....

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!

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