Monday, 18 February 2008

New pets

someone's giving away 3 hamsters on the forum. I thot just ask dh for fun la. Ha, didn't expect him to have said YES to his boys adopting those hamsters!? Now they're overjoyed! They're eagerly waiting for response fm the owner of the hamsters. Once we hear fm her, they'll know when they'll see their new pets. Ds2 is diligently drawing up a 'care schedule' which dh has requested for. He wants them to make sure that the hamsters are well taken care of by the 3 of them and not our helper.

hmm...I'm now wondering will the hamsters end up being Mummy's pets instead? I'm also getting worried for the terrapins. Will they be forsaken once the active little ones come into the household? New pets, old pets, the boys better take care of all their pets!!

1 comment:

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