Thursday, 8 May 2008


I thk I should seriously consider working in one of the hospitals since I've been to most of them so often. sigh...

Drew's fever didnt get any better and yesterday GP examined him and thot he required intravenous antibiotics. So he wrote a referral for us to KKH. Brought him there, spent like 2 1/2 hrs there, after getting him pricked and blood test and all, he was sent home with 2 btls of Brufen and 2 btls of Paracetamol!? Viral infection, no medicine, so only can treat symptoms. Poor boy will hv to continue to endure his roller coaster fever till his body 'wins the battle' with the darn virus. sigh...mummy heart and head pain ah!

Then this morning, I was doing my usual early morning routine till my mum shouted for me. Ran up to the 3rd flr and what I saw next just squeezed my heart so tight, I nearly cant breath. Poor old Dad was sitting at the edge of the bed with slurred speech and 'semi-paralysed' limbs!!! He looked so helpless, frail and in despair. Emotions rosed within me but I had to fight back my tears to calm him and think of what to do next. My mind was quite blank and Mum was frantically saying, "it must be stroke, it must be stroke!" Hub and Mum helped him to the toilet to change up and then he seems to hv regained some strength in his limbs and his speech got clearer. But to leave him to recover without any medical consultation is definitely not the way. Finally my brother came and we decided to send him to SGH A&E where all his medical records are.

We reached there around 10am and waited for like 2hrs before a doctor examined him and order for blood test. By then he had fully 'recovered' fm the episode of 'semi-paralysis' and was alert and able to relate the whole incident to the doc. Doc said it's unlikely to be stroke since it usually occurs to one side of the body only, but we cant totally rule out possibility of a transient stroke, meaning a mini-stroke with symptoms that last less than 24hrs and everything goes back to normal again. It could also be related to his diabetes, as when the blood sugar drops too drastically, he'll experience hypo which leads to weakness of his body.

We then waited for another 2hrs before the blood test result was out. Everything was normal, even his ECG was positive. But doc decided to admit him to investigate further. So we waited fm 2pm when they decided to admit him, till 6pm and there was still no bed for him!? Is SGH really so short of beds? Are there really so many sick pple in Spore? or is our population really aging? Mum was quite shocked at the constant crowd in the A&E department. It's the first time she's spent so much time sitting in this place and she kept exclaiming that the place is so crowded! why are there so many pple ill?

Anyway, we left Dad in the observation ward to wait for an available bed. Mum and I went off at 6pm. Finally he was brought to the ward around 830pm.

I just felt so worn after I reached home. I'm so damn tired.......what's next?


Agnes Tan said...

I hate to say this cos it's easier said than done.

During times of crisis (and any other normal day), you hv to think on the positive side or abt positive things. Or being grateful that things didn't get any worse.

It might not make life any easier for you. But at least it'll bring some comfort to you.

Will be keeping you & your family in my thots & prayers.

mummytay said...

Thanks Agnes! I know what you mean and I'm working very hard on staying positive!