Monday, 26 May 2008

The truth is cruel

Time seemed to past by so quickly. Hv not been sleeping well, panda eyes all showing already. Everytime I sleep, my mind keep flashing all kinds of things. My body is resting, but not my mind. Not very good, I know. But I dun seem to be in control.

ok, try to be happier, try to be more relax. Tried to occupy myself with other things and not hover around Dad. Adopted another 3 hamsters which are only 5weeks old but weaned already. The boys are thrilled with the little active ones.

This is Brownie, with a beautiful coat of creamy brown fur.

This is Stripe, named after the prominent grey stripe on his back.

This is Snowy, whose got a pretty white coat of fur with little tinge of grey on his ears and his back.

Stripe greeting 'Grandpa' Theodore. After 2 failed attempts to put them all together in the big cage, finally good old Theodore accepted the 'kids' into his territory after we cleaned up the cage. The 'kids' are smart too, they'll avoid whichever area Theodore is around as much as possible. Except for Stripe who's the 'garang' one and will explore everywhere, anywhere. hee... The little animals will keep me busy for a while and take my mind off the pain for a while.

But everytime Dad coughs, my heart will tighten again. His cough seems to be getting worse. Yesterday morning he asked me, after he came out of the toilet.


Anyway, we're gonna tell Dad next Thu. Will talk to him with 2nd and 4th sis. Pray that he'll remain calm and strong for the truth. Reality hurts, but we still hv to be strong to carry on. sigh....

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