Thursday, 2 July 2009

are people really getting so self-centred?

on the way to fetch Nic, I walked pass Blk 510's void deck. A rubbish bin on the opposite end of the letter box was on fire! Not sparks or smoke, but a small fire was burning in the bin! Immediately I called 995 and asked them to send someone down.

While I was calling the fire brigade, I saw curious children looking and running away quickly. I saw adults passers-by, looked, frowned and walked away. I saw returning office workers passed by, looked shocked but then proceeded into the lift to go home. At least 5-6 pple passed, but no one stopped to even think if there's anything they could do to put out the fire. What's wrong with these pple?

I ran across to the sch gate to get Nic. Checked his water bottle and he still had 1/2 bottle of water left. So we ran back to the bin and I poured all the water into the bin. The fire was put out, but there were still some sparks on those papers in the bin. About 5mins later, a red rhino came. The firemen checked the bin and sprayed some foam into it to prevent any possible re-ignition.

Just feel that pple are getting really self-centred (or is it self-absorbed?). The person responsible for the fire only thot of his/her own convenience, without thinking of consequences. And those passers-by were not willing to stop and help even though it's happening so close to home. Do we hv to wait till it's really serious, like half a house is burning, before pple are willing to stop and help? sigh...

Nic was so cute. After dinner he asked to go back there again bcos he wanted to check to make sure the fire did not start again. Love him.

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