Wednesday, 29 July 2009


This morning Dad woke up panting. He had difficulty sleeping through the night bcos of his panting and had to resort to sleeping on 2 pillows. He looked quite bad. So decided to bring him in to NCC walk-in clinic again.

Went there, waited for 1/2 hr and seen a doctor. She checked Dad and ordered for chest x-ray, blood test and ECG to be done. Then we were told to return around 2pm for the results before deciding what to do. If the water retention in the lungs had gotten worse, then an option will be to insert a needle into his lung to draw the fluid out. That will be considered invasive and has it's own risk. And personally I would only consider that as a last resort.

Thankfully when we returned for the results, they all turned out positive. ECG and blood tests showed no abnormalities. Fluid in lung is still the same as what's seen on the CT scan done a week ago. So there's nothing to suggest an infection causing panting.

Dad was confused. He's now wondering why is he panting so badly? Just walking from the sofa to the toilet and he'll pant if he walked a bit faster. Guess it must because of the cancer cells then.

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