Monday, 20 July 2009

Just love them!

It was Matt's 11th birthday yesterday and we originally arranged for tennis and swimming at the club with some good friends. Too bad the weather played pranks and we had to change our plan. Kids ended up playing WII/PSP at home, while parents chatted the afternoon away. Simple activities, simple food, but great company. The rain didnt dampen our spirits. =)

Sent the kids to bed around 950pm. They were still very excited and fooling around. Especially our birthday boy. Nevertheless, they needed to turn in in order to wake up fresh next day. Put them in bed before I went for my shower. When I returned at 1025pm, they were still awake! They claimed that they were waiting for 1029pm, the boy's exact birth time! So daddy and mummy relented and joined them. Finally we sang the birthday song for him again at the exact time. It was really sweet.:) Then they went back to bed at last.

Was watching a drama series with hub when we heard some rustling outside our room door around 1130pm. Got up and found a piece of paper slipped thru under the door. Picked it up and the note just sent me laughing non-stop........

They are just so funny! with such a cute note, how not to accede to their request? haha...=>

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QIANHAO said...

got space meh?
sometime back i want to sleep with my parents to sort of feel tht kind of kiddy feeling, and i recieved complaints tht i take up too much space. hahah:D